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Children's Religious Education - Sacraments - First Eucharist

First Eucharist
First Eucharist is celebrated in the spring of each year for our students in the second grade of the Religious Education program. We have one practice for each ceremony. One parent MUST attend along with the child (we do encourage both parents to attend). Practices take place in the church. We start on time. If you cannot attend your scheduled practice, please call the office at 516-822-9768.

The way you dress your child is up to you. Suits and ties are suggested for the boys. Arm bows are also acceptable but not mandatory. They can also wear a boutonniere. Girls wear white dresses socks and shoes. They may wear a veil or flowers in their hair. At the ceremony, gloves and flowers are not permitted.

If there is any family who needs help outfitting their son or daughter, our St. Vincent DePaul Society will be very happy to assist you. Please call 516-932-7430.

Communion Day
This is a Mass that takes approximately 90 minutes. Please bring your child to the school Auditorium. Children should be there 20 minutes prior to the ceremony. Our staff will assemble the children for the procession. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE, WE WILL START ON TIME WHETHER OR NOT WE ARE MISSING ANY CHILDREN. During the procession children may NOT carry anything in their hands. If you give your daughter flowers, please wait until after the Mass. In case of rain you will go directly to the church with your child.

Parents and family members will go directly to the church. Your child's name will be on the pew designated for your family. (If you have a banner with your name put it on the end of your pew). If you have more guests than can fit in your pew, there will be additional seating available. Please leave the aisle seat for your child.

Your child's First Communion certificate will be at your child's seat. Be sure to take it with you.

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